GS Auto Clicker Free Download – (2022 Latest Version)

If you are looking for another simple and effective auto clicker, then this is the one! It is a fact that not every application is compatible with all sorts of devices. And, if you are looking for software that is solely designed for windows, then this is what you need!

When you have a job or task that includes repetitive mouse-clicking, here is where you would need an auto clicker. If you do it manually, there is a higher chance you will end up with a damaged mouse. This is because, when you play games like Roblox or Minecraft, you need to be a bit aggressive and harsh on your mouse, or else you lose the game!

An auto clicker not only saves your time but also protects your mouse from harsh usage!

What is GS Auto Clicker?

The GS auto clicker is another application used for automating mouse clicks. As we said earlier, that GS auto clicker is solely designed for Windows devices, you download it tension-free. 

This is a safe and licensed product helping many individuals, especially gamers who play Minecraft and Roblox! The GS auto clicker keeps your device safe and is very compatible! Hence, you do not need to worry about your system’s wellbeing. 

This software has a basic, clean and straightforward interface based on an old-school user interface (UI). So, you will get to see only the essentials setting options and a help button. 

The GS auto clicker is unimaginably popular among gamers who need to click a lot for scoring! This keeps from constant clicking, and enjoy the game for real!

This application offers you a plethora of features, and also the developers are pretty responsive. This is a great option if you are looking for an easy-going auto clicker with an easy interface. 

The GS auto clicker is absolutely free to use, prevents crashes or lags, has a basic interface, easy automation is what makes it the best. But, it has one major downside, i.e., it offers limited functionality. 

Note – do download the latest version of this to get improved features! 

Installing the GS Auto Clicker

Installing comes second, but to install the application, you have to download it first! Click on this link to get redirected to their official website

Download the application only from a reputable website as many sites provide malware or spyware-infected applications. Only download through trusted sites, which applies to anything and everything you download. 

Here is how you should install your GS Auto Clicker –

  1. Open up the downloaded folder, and you look for the executable file. Double-click on the file to trigger the installation or setup wizard!
  2. Click on “Next,” and again click on “Next” after setting up the installed application’s destination. “Click on start menu folder,” and if you wish to have an icon at the desktop, “select additional task windows.” 
  3. Click on install to start the installation process.
  4. When done, click on “Finish.”

Using GS Auto Clicker

Now that you have installed the application successfully follow the points to set up your application.

  1. First, you need to launch the application by clicking on it twice to set it up!
  2. Now, as soon as it launches, you are ready to navigate any other program. When you are ready to start auto-clicking, you may drift it manually using the mouse or use the default hotkey F8 to trigger it. 
  3. If you wish to change your hotkey as per your requirement, you can do it too! Click on options, and then click on settings. Then choose your desired key and assign it as your hotkey. Click OK to confirm.

Whether you do gaming or send or accept invites, you do not need to do it manually anymore when you have the GS auto clicker by your side. 

This is something, as you will get to see many swearing their lives on this! Want to make your GS auto clicker lick the fastest? Here is you can do it!

Setting up Click Interval

To make the application work like a beast, here is what you should do –

  1. Click on Options, and you will find three options under it. All types of functions related to clicks are embedded in this particular tab. Here, you need to modify the default click interval, and the click interval typically means the time span between two clicks. 
  2. After you click on clicking, you will find two other options, i.e., Repeat and Options
  3. Here, you will have to click on the second option, i.e., Repeat
  4. As you click, a new window will appear with certain parameters such as HoursMinutesSeconds, and Milliseconds
  5. To achieve a better clicking speed, put higher values, and click OK.

This is how you make fast clicks using an auto clicker! As you do this, you will generate high scores in games such as Roblox and Minecraft. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it safe for my device to install a GS auto clicker?

Ans: Yes, I see no possible reason for the GS auto clicker to be a harmful application. It is safe to use it. 

This application is totally free of malware or spyware. Furthermore, this application takes up a little amount of space and imposes no threat to your device’s functionality. So, rest assured, and enjoy this application. 

Q2. Is it possible to make my GS auto clicker ‘hold down’?

Ans: Yes, obviously, it’s possible. To do this, simply follow up the steps –

  1. Launch the program, and click on Options.
  2. Select Clicking.
  3. Set your Click Type as Hold Down.


Now that you have this article here, I hope you have understood everything related to its installation and setup procedures. 

The GS auto clicker is one of the best auto clickers available all over the internet. But, I prefer verified sites for downloading it. This application is unique on its own. 

So, if you are into click-based games, what are you waiting for you. It is high for you to get going and leave your opponents behind!

Good luck!

About the author

I am a gaming nerd who is in love with auto clickers. I keep experimenting with auto clickers and write about them.